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Tricolored Bat

Tri-colored bat

Species of Greatest Conservation Need


Tricolored bats are small bats that vary in color from pale yellow to golden-brown. In hand, the skin over the forearm bones is reddish, contrasting with black wing membranes. Each hair is tri-colored; grey at the base, light yellow in the middle with brown tips.


3-3.5 inches


The preferred daytime roost is caves, rock crevices and tree foliage. During winter these bats hibernate.

Life Cycle

As with other Oklahoma bats, the tricolored bat feeds on insects. They are nocturnal during the spring, summer and fall seasons but may emerge as early as one hour before dusk to feed. They hibernate during winter and are occasionally covered with water droplets while in hibernation.

How To Observe

Learn more about this and other Oklahoma bats in the free "Bats of Oklahoma Field Guide." 

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