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Texas Horned Lizard Sighting Form

The Texas Horned Lizard is familiar to most Oklahomans, yet rarely has it been studied in detail, leaving many unanswered questions about its biology. We hope you will help us in the study of the Texas Horned Lizard.

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What date was the lizard sighting?

How many adult lizards were seen?

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What county did the sighting occur?

What was the estimated distance and direction to the nearest town?
  • If possible, please provide the legal description.
  • If possible, please provide the GPS location.

Have Texas Horned Lizards been seen here in the past?

Texas Horned Lizards have been seen here in the past, how many years have they been seen?  How many have been observed in the past?

What is the habitat like?

Additional Info

We love to hear about your Texas Horned Lizard sightings! Feel free to share any stories, memories, or attach photographs!

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