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Oklahoma Nest Box Trails Project

Help the Wildlife Department learn about our cavity-nesting birds and enhance Oklahoma's wildlife habitat. While the eastern bluebird is a great mascot for the program, we are interested in the monitoring all native cavity-nesting birds. To participate in the Nest Box Trails Project, place one or more nest boxes, monitor their usage throughout the season, control competition from non-native house sparrows and other predators, and report the nesting season's results. This citizen science project was initiated in 1985 and is entirely dependent upon volunteers.

Submit reports online or print the survey form.

To help you monitor nest boxes for the survey, we've adapted this data sheet from Oklahoma Next Box Trails Project participant Ann Freeman. This data sheet can be submitted with your survey, or can be stored with your records.  

Additional Information: 

The Noble Research Institute has provided construction plans for a "one board" nest box at