Wildlife and Land Management

Wildlife & Land Management



The Wildlife Diversity Program began in 1981 and made it possible for individuals to donate any part of their state income tax refund to wildlife.

The program is completely dedicated to wildlife diversity, or put simply, those species in Oklahoma not hunted or fished.

With such a great magnitude of species to manage, biologists must have a vast knowledge of habitat and food requirements, population trends, species that can co-exist and many other factors.

If you helped count birds at your bird feeder in winter, watched eagles soar over Oklahoma, attended a bat watch or visited our watchable wildlife area then you have witnessed the Wildlife Diversity Program in action. If your vehicle sports a wildlife conservation license then you have contributed to the Wildlife Diversity Program.


The Wildlife Department manages and maintains thousands of acres through direct ownership and through license agreements with other agencies or entities. Wildlife Management Areas or WMAs, these areas provide valuable public access for hunting and various other uses. These diverse areas are located throughout the state and span a variety of habitat types and species.

Ninety-five percent of Oklahoma is in private hands, the Wildlife Department makes an effort to provide the best information to assist private landowners on how to manage wildlife resources. Whether you are interested in hunting, fishing, or wildlife watching we have can provide ways to make your outdoor experiences that much better.

ODOT Public Notice

Public Notice NS-3768 bridge over Caney River at Hulah Wildlife Management Area

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