Birds and Bats


Eagles in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is one of the top 10 states in the nation for winter eagle viewing. Each winter, as northern lakes freeze over, thousands of bald eagles migrate to warmer, southern waters. Oklahoma is especially attractive to these magnificent birds. During severe winters in the north, 750 to 1,500 eagles may gather here. A resident population of more than 100 bald eagles also lives here year-round.

See the nation’s proudest living symbol, and share it with your children. Watch bald eagles soar at an Eagle Viewing Event near you. Most events are free or have a minimal charge. The majority are held on weekends during January.

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Oklahoma has 23 species of bats.  Bats are the only flying mammal. They use echolocation to maneuver around objects and target tiny flying insects.

The Mexican free-tailed bats eat more than 10 tons of insects. In April 2006 Governor Brad Henry declared the Mexican free-tailed bat as Oklahoma's state flying mammal.

Long before pioneers settled the prairies, Mexican free-tailed bats used the Selman Bat Cave. Descendants of those bats still make the trek to the Selman Wildlife Management Area every year. Much of the site remains as it did 100 years ago.

The Wildlife Department proudly manages this important resource for future generations of Oklahomans, the bats and their visitors. You have several chances in the summer to witness the only public viewing of Mexican free-tailed bats in Oklahoma.


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