State Wildlife Grants


Oklahoma's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy (aka Wildlife Action Plan)

-Identifies species of greatest conservation need and guides the future of wildlife conservation and associated funding. Oklahoma's plan was approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Service on October 12, 2005.

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Grant NameGrant NumberProject Start DateProject End DateReport
Osage County Habitat Mapping T-1-P-1Oct-02Sep-04
Development of the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation StrategyT-2-P-1Jan-03Dec-05T2P1.PDF
State Wildlife Grants CoordinationT-2-P-2Jan-06Dec-11T2P2.PDF
Oklahoma Paddlefish Information for Conservation ManagementT-3-P-1Jan-03Dec-07T3P1.PDF
Wildlife Diversity Inventory and Development of Species of Greatest Conservation Need Management PlansT-4-P-1Mar-03Dec-06T4P1.PDF
Genetic Variation Within and Among Natural and Captive Populations of Alligator Snapping Turtles in OklahomaT-5-P-1Jul-03Jun-06T5P1.PDF
Review and Summarization of Literature Pertaining to the Ecosystem Flow Requirements for the Kiamich River Above Hugo Lake and Little River Watershed in OklahomaT-7-P-1Jul-03Jun-07T7P1.PDF
Instream Flow Modeling for Mussels and Fishes in Southeastern Oklahoma RiversT-8-P-1Jul-03Jun-05T8P1.PDF
North American Bird Conservation Initiative Planning for OklahomaT-9-P-1Jul-08Jul-11T9P1.PDF
Physiological Determination of Mussel Sensitivity to Water Management Practices in the Kiamichi River and Review and Summarization of LiteratureT-10-P-1Aug-03Sep-05T10P1.PDF
Surveys and Studies of Oklahoma Crayfish and the Grotto SalamanderT-11-P-1Aug-03Jun-05T11P1.PDF
Digital Atlas of Oklahoma Fishes: Preparation of Data from Oklahoma State University T-12-P-1Oct-03Jun-06T12P1.PDF
Digital Atlas of Oklahoma Fishes: Preparation of Data from the SNOMNHT-13-P-1Oct-03Mar-07T13P1.PDF
The Freshwater Mussels of OklahomaT-14-P-1Oct-03Sep-05T14P1.PDF
Development and Implementation of Fish and Wildlife Resources Impact Review ProgramsT-15-P-1Apr-04Jun-07T15P1.PDF
Development and Implementation of Fish and Wildlife Resources Impact Review ProgramsT-15-P-2Jul-07Jun-12T15P2.PDF
Faunal Survey of Oklahoma Cave and SpringsT-16-P-1Jun-04May-08T16P1.PDF
Wildlife Habitat in Oklahoma Territory and the Chickasaw Nation, Circa 1870T-17-P-1Jun-04Dec-07T17P1.PDF
Assessment of Ecological Distrubance to a Cross Timber HabitatT-18-P-1Jun-04May-07T18P1.PDF
Fluvial Geomorphology Analysis of the Kiamichi River, OklahomaT-19-P-1Jun-04Jun-06T19P1.PDF
Development of Inter-Agency Rare Species Data Sharing and Exchange for Statewide Wildlife Conservation PlanningT-20-P-1Jun-04Nov-10T20P1.PDF
Swainson's Warbler Status Assessment in OklahomaT-21-P-1Jun-08Jun-09T21P1.PDF
Effects of Land Cover Change in Sandy Sanders, Packsaddle and Cooper Wildlife Management Areas on State Birds of Greatest Conservation NeedT-22-P-1Sep-04Sep-09T22P1.PDF
Survey of Mammals of Special Concern in Western OklahomaT-23-P-1Sep-04Dec-07T23P1.PDF
A Herpetological Survey of the Black Mesa Ecoregion and Surrounding AreaT-24-P-1Jun-05May-08T24P1.PDF
Oklahoma Winter Bird AtlasT-25-P-1Dec-04Nov-10T25P1.PDF
Status and Demography of Grassland Raptors of Conservation Concern in the Oklahoma PanhandleT-26-P-1Jul-05Dec-08T26P1.PDF
Reproductive Timing and Success of Freshwater Mussels in the Little River, OklahomaT-27-P-1Jul-05Dec-08T27P1.PDF
Oklahoma Mammals Database: Prepartion of Data From the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural HistoryT-28-P-1Jul-05Jul-07T28P1.PDF
Digital Atlas of Oklahoma Mammals: Data Capture and Georeferencing of OSU Collection of VertebratesT-29-P-1Aug-05Dec-07T28P1.PDF
Patch Burn Management: Enhancing Habitat for Imperiled Grassland Bird SpeciesT-30-P-1Sep-05Aug-08T30P1.PDF
Status and Habitat Affinity for Cerulean Warblers and Other Forest Birds in Eastern OklahomaT-31-P-1Sep-05Aug-08T31P1.PDF
Conversion of the Oklahoma Gap Vegetation Map for Habitat Analysis of Species of Greatest Conservation NeedT-32-P-1Oct-05Feb-07T32P1.PDF
Development of the Shortgrass Prairie Region Species of Greatest Conservation Need Conservation Assessment and Conservation StrategyT-33-P-1Apr-06Mar-14T33P1.PDF
Subregional Mapping of the Tallgrass Prairie CWCS RegionT-34-P-1Jun-06Aug-09T34P1.PDF
Inventory of Reptiles and Amphibians on Oklahoma Wildlife Management AreasT-35-P-1Jun-06May-10T35P1.PDF
Evaluating Conversion of Old World Bluestem Monocultures to Native Plant CommunitiesT-36-P-1Jun-06May-09T36P1.PDF
Migrant Shorebirds and Habitat Quality of Isolated Wetlands in the Mixed Grass Prairie RegionT-37-P-1Jul-06Jun-09T37P1.PDF
Surveys for Rare Mussel Species and Determination of Hydrological Characteristics of Mussel Habitat in Southeast OklahomaT-38-P-1Jun-06May-08T38P1.PDF
WAFWA Interstate Grassland Conservation CoordinationT-39-P-1Jul-06Jun-10T39P1.PDF
Status of Macroinvertebrate and Fish Assembages in the Samall Rivers of the Tallgrass PrairieT-40-P-1Jul-06Dec-09T40P1.PDF
Restoration of Open Woodland and Savannah Communities through Selective Thinning on The Nature Conservancy's Nickel PreserveT-41-P-1Jul-06Dec-09T41P1.PDF
Conservation Planning in the Oaks and Prairies Bird Conservation RegionT-43-P-1Oct-06Sep-12T43P1.PDF
Development of the Oklahoma State Aquatic Nuisance Species Management PlanT-44-P-1Dec-06Jun-09T44P1.PDF
Subregional Mapping of the Ozark and Arkansas Valley RegionsT-45-P-1Dec-06Dec-09T45P1.PDF
Using Tree Ring Analysis to Determine Fire History in the Oklahoma OzarksT-46-P-1Dec-06Dec-11T46P1.PDF
Digital Atlas of Oklahoma Mammals: Development of Website - Collection of Vertebrates T-47-P-1Dec-06Jun-09T47P1.PDF
Woods County Land Acquisition, McKinley Ranch T-48-L-1Sep-07Feb-10
Harper County Land Acquisition, Carmichael Ranch T-49-1Sep-07Mar-12T49P1.PDF
Oklahoma Paddlefish Research for Conservation ManagementT-50-1Oct-07Dec-09T50P1.PDF
Assessment of Freshwater Turtle Populations in Eastern OklahomaT-51-1May-09Apr-12T51P1.PDF
A Survey of Alligator Snapping Turtles and Other Turtle Species in Three Northeast Oklahoma Rivers T-52-1Jul-10Jun-14T51P2.PDF
Effects of Hydrologic Alteration on Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Lee Creek, OklahomaT-53-1Jul-10Jun-12T53R1.PDF
Survey and Status of Freshwater Mussels in the Poteau RiverT-54-1Jul-10Jun-12T54R1.PDF
Population Size Estimation of the Mexican Free-tailed Bat at Important Maternity Roosts in Oklahoma T-55-R-1Aug-10Jul-13T55R1.PDF
Developing a Multiple Spatial Scale Model to Predict the Distribution of Freshwater Mussel Assemblages in the Small Rivers of Southeastern OklahomaT-57-R-1Jun-11May-14
Determining Factors Affecting the Distribution of Fish and Crayfish in the Ozark Region of OklahomaT-58-R-1Jun-11May-14
Evaluating Environmental Flow Requirements for Freshwater Mussels of the Mountain Fork, Kiamichi and Little RiversT-59-R-1Jun-11May-14
The Impacts of Flow Alterations on Crayfishes in Southeastern Oklahoma with an Emphasis on the Mena CrayfishT-60-R-1Jun-11May-14T60R1.PDF
Distribution and Diversity of Grotto and Oklahoma Salamanders in the Oklahoma OzarksT-61-R-1Dec-11Nov-14
Update and Revision of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation StrategyT-62-P-1Oct-11Sep-15
Habitat Restoration and Population Assessment of Chicken Turtles and Crawfish Frogs at Bohler Seeps and Sandhills PreserveT-63-R-1Jan-12Dec-13T63R1.PDF
Development and Implementation of a Program to Address Energy Related Wildlife and Habitat ImpactsT-64-R-1Jun-12May-15
Wildlife Diversity Inventory on Oklahoma Wildlife Management Areas with Emphasis on Species of Greatest Conservation NeedT-65-1Oct-13Sep-17
Girdner Tract Land Acquisition, Cherokee County T-66-L-1Oct-13Sep-15
Oklahoma Ecological Systems Mapping: Phase 2, Western OklahomaT-67-1Oct-13Sep-15
Determining Current Distribution, Movement and Habitat Use of Shovelnose Sturgeon in Oklahoma WatersT-68-R-1Sep-13Aug-18
A General Status Assessment of Blue Suckers in Oklahoma RiversT-69-1Aug-13Jul-16
An Assessment of Impacts of Bighead Carp on SGCN in the Neosho and Spring RiversT-70-1Jan-14Jun-16
Understanding Impacts of Surface-Groundwater Conditions on Stream Fishes Under Altered Base-Flow ConditionsT-71-1Jan-14Dec-18
State Wildlife Grants CoordinationT-72-1Oct-13Sep-18
Status, Distribution and Ecology of the Ozark Emerald (Somatochlora ozarkensis) and other Springtime-Emerging Dragonflies of Eastern OklahomaT-73-1Oct-13Sep-15
Survey of Clear Boggy, Muddy Boggy, Kiamichi and Little River Drainages in Oklahoma T-74-1Jan-14Jun-16
Assessing the Extent and Density of Chicken Turtle Populations in Southeastern OklahomaT-75-1Oct-13Dec-16
Assessment of the Density and Spatial and Temporal Variation of the American Burying Beetle (Nicrophorus americanus) in OklahomaT-76-1Jan-14Dec-16
McFarland Ranch Land Acquisition, Beaver CountyWT-1Sep-10Aug-12WT1L1.PDF
Kimbell Ranch Land Acquisition, Love CountyWT-2-L-1Jun-11May-16

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