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Close To Home Fishing

A Local Pathway for Sharing the Fishing Heritage

The state’s Close to Home Fishing Program was designed as a partnership between the Wildlife Department and municipalities across Oklahoma to provide urban angling opportunities. These small bodies of water are stocked with fish and managed with special regulations, ensuring opportunities exist for anglers who may only have a little time on their hands and nowhere to go. More importantly, they offer urban dwellers an opportunity to frequently share their fishing heritage with others.

Commonly caught fish in Close to Home Waters
Sunfish, Bluegill * Sunfish, Redear * Sunfish, Green * Channel Catfish * Largemouth Bass

Additional Resources for CTHF Anglers

Fishing Clinics
Fishing Resources
Get Your Fishing License  (Unless exempt, a fishing license is required of anglers age 16 and up; youth fishing license available for ages 16-17 )

Close to Home Fishing Regulations

*In addition to state fishing license requirements, some municipalities require daily or annual city fishing permits. Check with local officials for details.

The following regulations apply to Close to Home Fishing Waters

  • Rod and reel fishing only.  No other fishing methods are allowed.
  • Fishing is limited to three (3) rods and reels per person
  • No more than three (3) hooks per line are allowed (treble hooks are considered one hook).
  • New for 2021 - Panfish, channel catfish and rainbow trout have an aggregate limit of 3 fish per angler (Panfish = bluegill sunfish, redear sunfish, green sunfish, or any hybrid sunfish)
    • For panfish, identification see link - https://www.wildlifedepartment.com/fishing/species
    • Aggregate = 3 of any fish species listed above in any combination. 
    • There are no size limits for panfish, channel catfish, and rainbow trout at CTHFP sites.
    • Only one rod and reel allowed at select CTHFP trout ponds when the season is in effect.
    • All other species fall under general statewide regulations.  Refer to the current OK Fishing Guide

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