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Fort Supply

Fort Supply, photo by Jena Donnell


Game Warden (County):
(580) 334-0353(Woodward)

Ft. Supply Lake (Google Map) is located 1 mile south of Ft. Supply and 12 miles northwest of Woodward.

Lake Details

Shoreline Length: 17.00 mi.
Volume: 13900.00 ac. ft.
Max. Depth: 32.50 ft.
Surface Area: 1820.00 ac.


Woodward County

U.S. Corps of Engineers manages campgrounds with full RV hookups, boat ramps and swimming beaches.

Fall gillnetting every other year to evaluate fish population. Cedar trees are added to refurbish existing habitats.

Pull-off access locations are abundant and the road by the dam provides a number of access points. For additional info contact Woodward County, (580) 766-2701.