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Tenkiller WMA

Tenkiller WMA, photo by Steve Webber


Game Warden (County):
(918) 431-2562(Cherokee)
(918) 431-2552(Cherokee)
(918) 431-2550(Sequoyah)
(918) 431-2544(Sequoyah)

Area Acres
2,590 ac.

The Tenkiller WMA consists of approximately 2,590 acres in Cherokee and Sequoyah counties and is located on the southwest shoreline of Tenkiller lake, approximately 17 miles south of Tahlequah.

The WMA is a mixture of upland areas and riparian habitat associated with the lake. Mature oak-hickory timber predominates the upland sites with little vegetative diversity. The riparian areas typically will have willow, sycamore, hackberry, elm, ash and birch as the over-story. The average annual precipitation is about 41 inches. 

From Gore: 5 miles north on State Hwy 100, 1½ miles west on State Hwy 10A, 1½ miles north on Indian Rd.

  • Deer: White-tailed deer are present in fair numbers.  
  • Turkey: Rio Grand turkeys are present in fair numbers.  
  • Quail: Bobwhite quail are present in low numbers. 
  • Rabbit: Cottontail rabbits are available in good numbers. 
  • Squirrel: Both fox and gray squirrels are present in good numbers.  
  • Furbearers: Coyote, bobcat, Gray fox, raccoon, skunk, mink and opossum are present. 
  • Dove: Dove may be present in very low numbers. 
  • Waterfowl: Very few present.
  • Bald Eagle: Eagles winter along Tenkiller lake, which borders the WMA to the east. 

Management consists of enhancing the forage base through food plot preparation and timber thinning. 

Camping is not permitted on the area. However, the Army Corps of Engineers has several camp grounds adjacent to or close by the area. Additional accommodations can be found in Tahlequah. The Tahlequah Chamber of Commerce can be reached at (918) 456-3742. The Corps of Engineers can be reached at (918) 487-5252.

A gravel boat ramp is available for area users. There is no fee for this ramp.

Tenkiller lake is one of the premiere fisheries in Oklahoma and provides excellent year around fishing for game fish species, such as black bass, crappie, white bass and catfish. Below Tenkiller dam is the Lower Illinois River designated trout stream. This year-round trout area is stocked with rainbows approximately every two weeks. The lower reaches of the trout area is also well known for trophy sized striped bass that swim up the area from the Arkansas River.

Closed Seasons
Turkey Fall Gun
Same As Statewide Seasons
Deer Archery, Youth Deer Gun, Deer Muzzleloader, Deer Gun, Holiday Antlerless Deer Gun, Dove, Rail, Gallinule, Crow, Snipe, Woodcock, Waterfowl, Rabbit, Squirrel, Turkey Fall Archery, Predator/Furbearer Calling, Trapping
Seasons w/ Special Restrictions
  • Quail

Closed during the first nine days of deer gun season.

  • Pursuit with Hounds for Furbearers

Closed from the opening day of deer archery season through the first nine days of deer gun season and closed during spring turkey season.

  • Turkey Spring, Youth Turkey Spring

One-tom limit; seasons combined, area combined.

Additional Restrictions:

No camping allowed.


Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department
Post Office Box 52002
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2002
(800) 652-6552 or (405) 521-2409

Upper McClellan-Kerr Waterway Association
PO Box 2361
Muskogee, OK 74402

Muskogee Convention and Tourism
412 Boston, Muskogee OK 74402

Stilwell Area Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 845
Stilwell OK 74960


Greater Tenkiller Area Association
PO Box Ten-K
Cookson OK 74427

Q: Is the area open for all 16 days of deer gun season?

A: Yes.

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