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Honobia Creek WMA

Honobia Creek WMA, photo by Darrin Hill


Game Warden (County):
(580) 271-0808(Pushmataha)
(580) 513-5014(Pushmataha)

Area Acres
78,998 ac.

Honobia Creek WMA covers 78,997.94 acres in Pushmataha, Leflore and McCurtain counties in southeast Oklahoma. Located North of Hwy. 3/7 and East of Hwy. 271 (northeast of Antlers) and East of Hwy 259 and North of Hwy 4 (North and East of Smithville). Honobia Creek WMA is a mixture of pine and hardwood forests.

Loblolly pine plantations of various age classes predominate the majority of the WMA. Interspersed within the pine plantations are hardwood benches and streamside management zones dominated by oaks and hickories.

The land within the Honobia Creek and Three Rivers WMAs is owned by the Weyerhaeuser Company and requires an annual land access permit ($40) for all residents and nonresidents who hunt or fish on the WMAs.

Nonresidents are required to purchase a $85 annual permit, with no exemptions.

Oklahoma residents under 18 years of age on the first day of the current calendar year or 64 years of age or older are exempt from permit requirements.

Watch Three Rivers Pond Hopping on YouTube.

From Antlers: travel EAST on Highway 3 approximately 12 miles to Rattan. From Rattan, travel NORTH on Cloudy Road 14.1 miles to Honobia Creek WMA boundary sign.

From Broken Bow: drive 38.8 miles North on Hwy 259 to Hwy 4 East. Turn East onto Hwy 4 and drive ¾ mile then turn North onto Beachton Road and drive 2 miles to WMA.

  • Quail: Present in moderate to good numbers
  • Bear: Present in fair numbers
  • Deer: Present in great numbers
  • Turkey: Present in good numbers. 
  • Rabbit: Both cottontails and swamp rabbits are present, with cottontails being more common. 
  • Squirrel: Fox and gray squirrels are both present in good numbers. 
  • Furbearers: Coyote, bobcat, opossum, gray fox, beaver, and raccoon are available.
  • Dove: Dove are present in good numbers. 
  • Waterfowl: Waterfowl hunting is limited to the creeks and rivers with wood ducks and mallards being most abundant

One walk-in only turkey hunting areas offer hunters an opportunity to hunt free from vehicular disturbance. 2 non-ambulatory areas available.  Management efforts focus on preserving hardwood stands and maintaining travel corridors during clear-cutting. Select roads are closed and managed as linear forest openings.  Small agricultural food plots are planted annually. Hardwood stands and thinned pine plantations are controlled burned. 

No designated camping areas exist, but primitive camping is allowed no more than 50 yards from an open road on Honobia. Lodging and restaurants are available in Clayton.  

Fishing opportunities exist for sunfish species, flathead catfish, channel catfish, smallmouth, largemouth, and spotted bass in the Little River. Small ponds on the area offer opportunities for bass, sunfish and channel catfish. Fishing on Honobia.

An annual Land Access Permit is required of all residents who hunt or fish on Honobia Creek WMA. Nonresidents are required to purchase a $85 annual permit, no exemptions.

A three-day special use permit is available to residents for nonhunting and nonfishing related activities, unless in possession of the annual Land Access Permit.

Oklahoma residents who are under 18 years of age on the first day of the current calendar year or are 64 years old or older are exempt from permit requirements.

Closed Seasons
Turkey Fall Gun
Same As Statewide Seasons
Bear Archery, Deer Archery, Youth Deer Gun, Bear Muzzleloader, Deer Muzzleloader, Deer Gun, Holiday Antlerless Deer Gun, Dove, Rail, Gallinule, Crow, Turkey Fall Archery, Predator/Furbearer Calling, Trapping
Seasons w/ Special Restrictions
  • Quail, Snipe, Woodcock, Waterfowl, Rabbit, Squirrel

Closed during the first nine days of deer gun season.

  • Pursuit with Hounds for Furbearers

Dogs not permitted on WMA from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset during deer gun, deer muzzleloader, antlerless holiday deer gun,  and youth deer gun seasons.

  • Turkey Spring, Youth Turkey Spring

One-tom limit; seasons combined.

Additional Restrictions:

Hunter and angler camping is allowed within 50 yards of open roads.

All-Terrain Vehicle use will only be allowed during deer season (Oct. 1 – Jan. 15) and only by licensed deer hunters. The following guidelines will apply to ATV use on the area:

Any hunter who operates an ATV/ORV at any time must comply with daylight florescent orange requirements as required for deer gun seasons. If a crash helmet is worn, only the fluorescent orange chest covering is required.

ATV/ORV use is restricted to WMA roads that are on the current Honobia WMA map unless otherwise closed.

ATV/ORV use shall be restricted to a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour.

ATV/ORV operators and passengers under the age of 18 must wear a crash helmet that complies with standards established by 49 C.F.R., Section 571.218. Passengers in addition to the operator are not allowed on ATV/ORVs unless that ATV/ORV has been specifically designed by the manufacturer to carry passengers in addition to the operator.

Leaving any ATV/ORV unattended on Honobia WMA without the owner’s name and Customer ID number conspicuously attached is prohibited.

Use of ATV/ORVs off of delineated roads for retrieval of lawfully taken and tagged deer is permissible only with the following restrictions: ATV/ORVs cannot travel more than one half mile from the nearest road. ATV/ORVs cannot cross rivers and streams unless on a road with constructed stream crossing structures. ATV/ORVs used for deer retrieval cannot be used in areas otherwise closed to the use of motor vehicles.


The WMA boundaries may change.

See for a current map.

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