The Department coordinates many educational programs that are offered state-wide to the public for free! 

The Oklahoma National Archery In The Schools helps to introduce archery to students statewide in their classroom.   Hundreds of schools across the state are participating, along with thousands more all across the country and the world are also participating in the national program. 

Another educational program the department has been offering since 1988 is the Aquatic Resources Education Program (AREP).   AREP promotes the sport of fishing and educates the public on the aquatic resource.  Every year the department offers free fishing clinics across the state open to the public for those interested in fishing or finding out what fishing is all about.

Hunter Education is probably one of the more well-known programs the department offers.  For years Hunter Education has been offered all across the state to hunters looking to get into the sport of hunting.  Hunter Education though isn’t just for hunters, some of the topics covered in Hunter Education include wildlife management, wildlife identification and responsibility.  Hunter Education plays an important part in teaching hunter safety, and is required by most states for hunters.

Explore Bowhunting curriculum was developed to teach students (aged 11-17) basic skills used to bowhunt. The program not only teaches students how to interact with nature using ageless hunting skills, but it also teaches an appreciation of what is around them and enhances their encounters with the outdoors.

Teacher Resources are developed for use by teachers of our various programs to assist in teaching students about wildlife and nature. Newest to the repertoire of resources is a very well done and beautiful guide to Oklahoma's native aquatic species in streams, rivers and lakes, titled Getting to Know Oklahoma Streams.