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Report Wildlife Sightings

 Report a Whooping Crane Sighting

Whooping Crane, photo by Brett Thompson

Oklahoma's Wildlife Diversity Program is tracking federally-endangered whooping cranes as they migrate through the state. Share photographs and sighting details online year-round.

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Report Texas Horned Lizard Sightings

Horned lizard on the ground.

Share your Texas Horned Lizard sightings with the Wildlife Diversity Program to help us better understand this fascinating reptile's current range. Reports can be submitted year-round online or the below form can be printed and mailed to the Wildlife Department.

Texas horned lizards are active in Oklahoma from early April through September and are usually found in open areas with sandy soil. Learn more about this species of greatest conservation need in the Wildlife Department's online field guide.

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Report Aquatic Nuisance Species

The Aquatic Nuisance Species Program was developed in 2008 with the creation of the ANS Management Plan. This document is the reference guide for the program and enables ODWC to seek federal funding for projects related to aquatic nuisance species. The program is geared toward outreach and education but also focuses on early detection and rapid response of aquatic invasions.

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Report Wildlife Sighting

Oklahoma's Wildlife Diversity Program is tracking rare species throughout the state. Help our biologists document where unusual species occur by reporting your sighting using our online form.

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Mountain Lion Sighting?

For mountain lion please submit sightings online here.