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After some new options proved popular last year among controlled hunt applicants, hopeful hunters should be happy to learn that even more new and exciting options will be offered this year when they apply for the Wildlife Department’s controlled hunt drawings! 

Applicants in the once-in-a-lifetime elk and pronghorn categories will now be able to add another preference point to their total for an additional $10 for residents or $50 for nonresidents. These “extra” preference points work just like the traditional points earned every time your application isn’t drawn – they carry forward for future drawings and increase your odds of being selected even more! 

Another option is the ability to add more hunt choices above the standard number allowed in each category. These add-on choices will cost $3 each, and there will be no limit to the number of hunt choices added.


This article is designed to give controlled hunts applicants some insights into how the program works, insights that might give you an edge to having your name drawn for perhaps the hunt of a lifetime.



1 IN 23.6



Take some time and look into last year’s statistics on controlled hunts, and you could increase the likelihood that your name will be drawn this year for a controlled hunt permit. The numbers do reveal some application trends that you could use to your advantage. 

In the 2023-24 controlled hunts drawing, about one out of every 23 applicants had his or her name drawn. Hopeful hunters turned in 123,691 applications for one of the 5,251 individual controlled hunt permits available last year. Many of those applicants will apply again this year when the 2024-25 controlled hunts application submission period opens online. 

The No. 1 most important thing a hopeful hunter can do is to apply each year. 

The controlled hunts application period will open on April 1, 2024, at The application period will close in late May 2024. 


A majestic Oklahoma whitetail buck is photographed looking towards the camera.
Jeremiah Zurenda


The online application process is straightforward, and the system is designed so that only the applications that are completed correctly will be accepted. This assures every applicant that his entry was successful and that the applicant’s name will definitely be in the drawings. 

Winners of controlled hunts are randomly selected through a computerized process that draws applications from the entire pool of those submitted. 

Hunters will be able to apply for a specified number of hunts within each category, which increases one’s chances of being selected for a hunt. Hunters will also be able to add extra hunt choices above the specified number allowed, at a cost of $3 for each additional choice added. 

Those not drawn in a hunt category will gain a preference point for the drawings held in that category in future years, as long as the application is made in the same hunt category. Not only that, but some hunt categories allow applications for an entire group of hunters, which boosts chances of being drawn.

Don’t miss your chance to win one of these special hunts that often create lifelong memories.



A $10 application fee allows multiple applications in controlled hunt categories (elk, pronghorn, deer, spring turkey) and includes the option to select Preference Point Only. PointGuard insurance is available for an additional $10 for residents or $50 for nonresidents. Applicants may also add extra hunt choices beyond the standard limit for $3 each. New for 2024 is the chance to get one additional preference point in the elk and pronghorn hunt categories at a cost of $10 for residents and $50 for nonresidents.



Controlled hunts are held in areas where unrestricted public hunting would pose safety concerns or where over harvest might occur. So, these hunts take place on Wildlife Department owned or -managed areas where hunting for the target species is normally not permitted. 

Controlled hunts are offered for deer, elk, pronghorn, and turkey. 

Hunters wishing to go on a controlled hunt must submit an application, which goes into the running with all other applications for that hunt. Hunters are selected through random drawings in each category. 

Getting drawn for a controlled hunt is a matter of odds. Many controlled hunt choices are highly sought-after, and the number of applications for these marquee hunts greatly exceeds the number of available permits. But if you keep applying year after year, it’s likely you’ll get a chance sooner or later to enjoy a controlled hunt. 

How do I participate? Simply submit an easy-to-complete application online through your GoOutdoorsOklahoma account. Applications are accepted online only.

You cannot submit more than one application per category. Since applications are completed and submitted online, you will receive confirmation that your application was completed correctly. This system helps to minimize mistakes, so make sure you receive confirmation of your application. If you do have any issues, call the toll-free help line listed at the bottom of the webpage, (833) 457-7285, or send an email to



You can increase your chances by first doing some research. This article provides data from the most recent controlled hunts drawing cycle. Anyone who plans to apply this coming year is urged to study the numbers presented here to help guide you as to which hunts you should apply for if you want higher odds of being selected. 

For example, you might see that a total of two controlled hunts will be held in the wildlife management area that you are hoping to hunt. You notice the selection odds were greater last year for one of the hunts, so you might decide to apply for that hunt in anticipation that this year’s numbers remain about the same as last year’s. 

Every time you apply and do not get selected, you earn a preference point in that category for all future drawings. So, when you apply next year, it’s like getting your name put into the drawing an extra time for each preference point. Your odds of being drawn improve if you apply again year after year. This strategy now will be able to have a greater impact with a new option in 2024 to buy an additional preference in the pronghorn and elk hunt categories. Applicants who spend $10 (for residents) or $50 (for nonresidents) will carry forward two preference points in next year’s elk and pronghorn drawings in the event they are not drawn this year. 

Additionally, some hunt categories allow you to apply with a group of other hunters, so that if one of the group is drawn, the entire group gets to hunt. If you are selected, you will receive your hunt instructions at the email address attached to your online GoOutdoorsOklahoma account.



Applicants have the chance to buy extra hunt choices at $3 apiece, which will be in addition to the basic application fee. This increases your overall odds of being drawn simply by putting your name into more of the drawings.

You might consider adding PointGuard to your application as a safety net just in case something unexpected comes up and you won’t be able to attend your hunt. This “insurance” option is designed to protect your preference points in the event you are drawn but for some reason you won’t be able to go on your hunt. PointGuard costs an additional $10 over the basic application fee for residents, and an additional $50 over the basic application fee for nonresidents. 

Each preference point you earn acts like an extra application for the next year. But if you know you cannot hunt this year and still want to earn a preference point, you can now choose to mark your application as Preference Point Only. This allows you to earn a point this year that carries over to next year, but will keep your name out of the hunt drawings for this year. The PPO option is available as part of the applicant’s $10 initial application fee. 

Your chances of selection only get better each year you apply. If you’ve applied for the controlled hunt of your dreams for five years straight without having been selected, then you will have five “tickets in the hopper” compared to a first-time applicant, who will have one. 

Although preference points increase your odds of selection, they do not guarantee that applicants with the most points will get drawn. What is guaranteed is that their odds of selection improve. First-time applicants with no preference points can and do get drawn for popular hunts, while hunters who have many preference points can miss out being selected. The pool size related to the number of hunt permits also affects one’s chances of being selected.

Continuing this year, applicants who hold 20 or more preference points in the once-in-a-lifetime elk and pronghorn hunt categories will have a higher likelihood of winning a permit, as the drawing procedure has been enhanced for those categories. An initial drawing for half of the elk hunt permits and half of the antelope hunt permits will be conducted from a pool of only those applicants having 20 or more preference points in the category. The winners for the remaining half of hunt permits in each category will be drawn from the pool of all applicants (excluding those who were drawn out for hunts in the initial drawing). 

In some categories, hunters may apply in groups of up to four people. An average of the total preference points of all hunters is used for each hunter in the group. If not drawn in that category, each applicant in the group will earn a single preference point that carries forward with the rest of their points to future drawings. Once you are drawn for a hunt, all preference points that you have built up in that hunt category are cleared. You can begin building preference points again with your application next year in the deer and turkey categories. (Elk and pronghorn controlled hunts are once-in-a-lifetime draws; previous winners are not allowed to apply again.)

Here are some other tips for increasing your chances of winning a controlled hunt: 

  • Consider the ratio of permits to applicants to help you decide which hunts might give you the best chance of selection. A selection ratio of 1-in-25 is better odds than a ratio of 1-in-80. 
  • For those locations that offer multiple hunts in the same category, the second or third hunts (the later hunts) are often easier to get selected for than the earliest hunts. 
  • You can increase your odds of being drawn when you apply for hunts that happen on key dates of the regular statewide seasons, such as the opening weekend of muzzleloader or gun season. Many hunters may skip those dates because of already-planned hunts. 
  • By designating additional hunt choices, you increase your overall odds of being selected for at least one of the choices, so make as many selections as a category allows (five in the deer category, for example), rather than just three, two or one. Then consider adding even more hunt choices at $3 each, no limit. 
  • Hunts that are considered by some to be less desirable, such as antlerless deer hunts, may be just the right choice for a meat hunter looking to raise his chances of getting to hunt at a premier location. (Compiled by Outdoor Oklahoma Staff)



2023-24 DEER HUNTS

  • Total applicants (includes first, second, third, fourth, and fifth choice preferences): 68,515. 
  • Total permits available: 3,775.
  • Overall odds of getting drawn for any one permit: 1 in 18.2. 

NOTE: Steer clear of the most popular hunts in order to have better chances of getting drawn. Controlled hunts such as those at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, the Wichita Mountains buck gun hunt, the Sandy Sanders buck gun hunt, and Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge either sex hunts will not offer the better odds of selection.

2023-24 Results
Hunt Location - Permit TypeHunt TypeBegin DateEnd DateHunt No.ApplicantsPermits Allowed

Draw Ration
1 in ( )

Atoka WMA - either sexGun11/17/202311/19/202330011,5494038.7357
Beaver River WMA McFarland Unit - either sexMuzzleloader10/28/202310/29/20233006680106867
Beaver River WMA McFarland Unit - either sexGun11/18/202311/19/2023300749059873
Beaver River WMA - either sexGun11/18/202311/19/202330081,110157469
Candy Creek WMA - either sexMuzzleloader10/28/202311/5/202330202741222.8343
Candy Creek WMA - either sexGun11/18/202312/3/202330214971241.4261
Canton WMA - either sexGun11/18/202311/19/202330301,0597514.1230
Cherokee GMA - either sexGun11/11/202311/11/202330441,4806024.6744
Cherokee GMA - either sexGun11/12/202311/12/202330461,0426017.3736
Cookson WMA - either sexMuzzleloader11/4/202311/5/202330601,068128971
Cookson WMA - antlerless onlyMuzzleloader11/4/202311/4/2023306176233.39
Cookson WMA - antlerless onlyMuzzleloader11/5/202311/5/2023306262232.75
Cookson WMA - either sexGun11/11/202311/12/202330631,78712148.9276
Cookson WMA - antlerless onlyGun11/11/202311/11/20233064102185.6714
Cookson WMA - antlerless onlyGun11/12/202311/12/2023306564183.5610
Deep Fork NWR - (2) only 1 antleredMuzzleloader10/9/202310/15/202330808045016.0832
Deep Fork NWR - (2) only 1 antleredArchery10/30/202311/26/202330817283002.433
Four Canyon Preserve - antlerless onlyMuzzleloader10/20/202310/21/202330901844.512
Four Canyon Preserve - (2) either sexMuzzleloader10/20/202310/21/20233091193296.572
Four Canyon Preserve - antlerless onlyGun11/10/202311/11/20233092284717
Four Canyon Preserve - (2) either sexGun11/10/202311/11/20233093460223078
Fort Gibson WRP - (2) only 1 antleredArchery10/17/202310/17/20233110489509.7824
Fort Gibson WRP - antlerless onlyMuzzleloader10/18/202310/18/20233111160503.28
Fort Gibson WRP - antlerless onlyMuzzleloader11/14/202311/14/20233112154503.086
Fort Gibson WRP - either sexMuzzleloader11/15/202311/15/202331131,0122540.4859
Fort Gibson WRP - antlerless onlyMuzzleloader11/15/202311/15/20233114103254.1211
Grady County WMA - either sexMuzzleloader10/28/202311/5/202331202081020.841
Grady County WMA - either sexGun11/18/202311/26/202331214361043.662
Hugo WMA (Lyndol Fry WRP)Gun12/8/202312/10/20233131360103654
Lexington WMA - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/11/202311/11/202331507141355.2913
Lexington WMA - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/12/202311/12/202331514201353.117
Lexington WMA - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/15/202311/15/202331523451352.564
Lexington WMA - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/16/202311/16/202331532731352.021
Little River NWR - either sexGun11/3/202311/5/202331609883032.9350
Little River NWR - either sexGun11/10/202311/12/202331618773029.2348
McAlester AAP physically challenged - (2) only 1 antleredArchery10/6/202310/8/20233170154702.22
McAlester AAP - (2) only 1 antleredArchery10/13/202310/15/202331711,9542757.1118
McAlester AAP - (2) only 1 antleredArchery10/20/202310/22/202331722,3532758.5621
McAlester AAP - (2) only 1 antleredArchery10/27/202310/29/202331733,59327513.0727
McAlester AAP - (2) only 1 antleredArchery11/3/202311/5/202331744,64227516.8834
McAlester AAP - (2) only 1 antleredArchery11/10/202311/12/202331754,69727517.0835
McCurtain Co. WA - either sexGun11/3/202311/5/202331908441652.7564
McGee Creek WMA - either sexMuzzleloader10/27/202310/29/202332008735017.4637
McGee Creek WMA - either sexGun11/17/202311/19/202332011,4285028.5647
Neosho WMA - either sexMuzzleloader11/11/202311/12/20233203158626.3345
Oka'Yanahli Preserve - (2) antlerless onlyGun12/9/202312/9/2023320671710.1425
Oka'Yanahli Preserve - (2) antlerless onlyGun12/10/202312/10/202332074876.8616
Okmulgee GMA - (2) only 1 antleredGun11/11/202311/12/202332101,1743039.1358
Osage-Western Wall WMA - either sexMuzzleloader11/9/202311/12/202332201,10810110.875
Pontotoc Ridge Preserve - (2) antlerless onlyGun10/7/202310/15/2023322376612.6726
Pontotoc Ridge Preserve - (2) antlerless onlyGun1/6/20241/6/2024322469513.829
Pontotoc Ridge Preserve - (2) antlerless onlyGun1/7/20241/7/202432254659.222
Pushmataha WMA - either sexMuzzleloader12/1/202312/3/202332301,3275026.5446
Salt Plains NWR - (2) only 1 antleredArchery12/4/202312/7/202332403432513.7228
Salt Plains NWR Wilderness Area - (2) only 1 antleredArchery12/4/202312/7/202332413511035.152
Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexMuzzleloader11/6/202311/8/202332428822535.2853
Salt Plains NWR Wilderness Area - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexMuzzleloader11/6/202311/8/202332437051070.568
Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/13/202311/15/202332442,1532586.1270
Salt Plains NWR Wilderness Area - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/13/202311/15/202332451,76310176.377
Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/27/202311/29/202332461,1832547.3263
Salt Plains NWR Wilderness Area - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/27/202311/29/202332479861098.674
Sans Bois WMA - either sexMuzzleloader11/10/202311/12/202332753021520.1340
Sans Bois WMA - either sexGun10/27/202310/29/202332765651537.6756
Sequoyah NWR - (2) only 1 antleredArchery11/6/202311/10/202332801,0423034.7351
Sequoyah NWR - (2) antlerless onlyMuzzleloader10/25/202310/27/20233281290309.6723
Sequoyah NWR - (2) antlerless onlyMuzzleloader11/15/202311/17/20233282244308.1320
Sequoyah NWR - (2) antlerless onlyMuzzleloader11/29/202312/1/20233283216307.219
Sequoyah NWR (Refuge Islands) - (2) only 1 antleredArchery11/6/202311/10/2023328465416.2533
Sequoyah Resort Park - (2) 1 either sex, 1 antlerlessArchery12/2/202312/3/202332869621660.1365
Spavinaw GMA - either sexGun10/21/202310/22/202332901,3522067.666
Spavinaw GMA - antlerless onlyGun10/21/202310/22/20233291191306.3715
Tishomingo NWR - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun12/7/202312/8/202333007502037.555
Washita NWR - antlerless onlyGun11/7/202311/8/20233320111522.242
Wichita Mountains WR - antlered onlyGun11/13/202311/16/202333407,35320367.6579
Wichita Mountains WR - antlerless onlyGun11/13/202311/16/202333415904014.7531
Salt Plains State Park - (2) only 1 antleredArchery10/16/202310/19/202333504061040.660
Salt Plains State Park - (2) only 1 antleredArchery12/11/202312/14/202333513111031.149
Texoma COE Burns Run - doe onlyGun12/29/202312/31/20233360112618.6738
Tishomingo NWR - (2) only 1 antleredArchery11/8/202311/10/202333705623018.7339



  • Total applicants (includes first, second, and third choice preferences): 327. 
  • Total permits available: 112. 
  • Overall odds of getting drawn for any one permit: 1 in 2.9. 

NOTE: Northeastern Oklahoma areas generally attract the most applications. Examples are Cherokee, Cookson Hills, Gruber, and Spavinaw WMAs. Consider hunts in other parts of the state.

2023-24 Results
Hunt Location - Permit TypeHunt TypeBegin DateEnd DateHunt No.ApplicantsPermits AllowedDraw Ratio
1 in ( )
Cherokee GMA - either sexGun10/28/202310/29/2023400144401.11
Cookson WMA - either sexGun11/18/202311/19/2023401042123.58
Copan COE Parks - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun12/1/202312/3/202340153256.411
Deep Fork NWR - (2) only 1 antleredMuzzleloader10/23/202310/29/20234020751.42
Fort Gibson WRP - (2) only 1 antleredMuzzleloader12/2/202312/3/2023402527102.76
Oologah Lake COE - (2) 1 Doe 1 BuckGun11/10/202311/12/202340406888.512
Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexMuzzleloader11/6/202311/8/202340501125.59
Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/13/202311/15/2023405121210.513
Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/27/202311/29/202340521125.510
Sequoyah NWR - (2) only 1 antleredArchery11/6/202311/10/20234060522.55
Sequoyah NWR - (2) antlerless onlyMuzzleloader11/15/202311/17/20234061321.53
Sequoyah Resort Park - (2) 1 either sex 1 antlerlessMuzzleloader12/16/202312/17/2023407025122.084
Tishomingo NWR - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/9/202311/10/2023408031103.17



  • Total applicants (includes first, second, and third choice preferences): 3,744. 
  • Total permits available: 855. 
  • Overall odds of getting drawn for any one permit: 1 in 4.4. 

NOTE: Select hunt dates that are within the regular statewide season dates, especially those that fall on opening weekends, since many hunters already have other hunting plans in place at those times. Controlled hunts that take place outside the regular muzzleloader and gun seasons typically draw more applications and therefore lower the odds of getting selected.

2023-24 Results
Hunt Location - Permit TypeHunt TypeBegin DateEnd DateHunt No.ApplicantsPermits Allowed

Draw Ratio
1 in ( )

Arbuckle Springs WMA - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/18/202311/19/2023500473154.8726
Beaver River WMA McFarland Unit - either sexGun10/20/202310/22/20235006139159.2731
Camp Gruber Cantonment - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexMuzzleloader11/24/202311/26/2023500996402.410
Cherokee GMA - either sexGun11/4/202311/5/20235010148502.9612
Canton WRPGun11/9/202311/17/2023501475237.544
Canton WRPGun12/9/202312/17/202350153221639
Cookson WMA - either sexGun10/28/202310/29/20235020153305.128
Cross Timbers WMA - antlerless onlyGun11/18/202311/26/2023502519300.631
Deep Fork NWR - (2) only 1 antleredMuzzleloader10/16/202310/22/2023503045251.88
Eufaula Lake COEGun11/3/202311/5/2023503568513.637
Fort Cobb WMA and SP - antlerless onlyMuzzleloader/Shotgun10/14/202310/15/2023504031400.783
Fort Gibson WRP - (2) only 1 antleredMuzzleloader11/11/202311/11/2023505067203.3515
Heyburn COE - (2) only 1 antleredGun12/15/202312/17/2023505357228.543
Kaw Lake COE - (2) 1 either sex 1 DoeGun11/3/202311/5/20235055111618.540
Hugo WMA - either sexGun10/6/202310/8/2023506067302.239
Hugo Lake COE Kiamichi Park - (2) only 1 antlered.Gun10/6/202310/8/202350611151011.534
Hugo Lake COE Kiamichi Park - either sexGun12/8/202312/10/2023506284108.430
James Collins WMA - either sexGun10/20/202310/22/20235070172404.323
James Collins WMA - either sexGun10/27/202310/29/20235071193404.8325
Keystone COE - (2) only 1 antleredGun12/8/202312/10/20235080122815.2538
Little River NWR - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun10/27/202310/29/2023508518151.25
McAlester AAP - DoeShotgun11/24/202311/26/2023509039251.566
Neosho WMA - either sexMuzzleloader10/21/202310/22/202350956614
Neosho WMA - either sexGun11/4/202311/5/202350961662.6711
Okmulgee GMA - (2) only 1 antleredGun10/28/202310/29/2023511064203.214
Okmulgee GMA - (2) only 1 antleredGun11/4/202311/5/2023511170203.518
Pine Creek WMA - either sexGun11/10/202311/12/2023513094253.7620
Pushmataha WMA - either sexGun10/20/202310/22/20235140108353.0913
Pushmataha WMA - either sexGun11/3/202311/5/20235141145354.1422
Salt Plains NWR - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun11/3/202311/5/20235150166256.6429
Sequoyah NWR - (2) only 1 antleredMuzzleloader10/13/202310/15/2023516012030421
Sequoyah Resort Park - (2) 1 either sex 1 antlerlessMuzzleloader12/9/202312/10/20235170156121335
Skiatook COE  - (2) only 1 antleredGun12/1/202312/3/2023517582420.542
Spavinaw GMA - either sexMuzzleloader10/28/202310/29/2023518030400.752
Spavinaw GMA - either sexGun11/3/202311/5/20235181137403.4317
Tenkiller COE - (2) only 1 antleredGun11/3/202311/5/202351901051010.533
Texoma COE Burns Run - (2) only 1 antleredGun11/10/202311/12/20235200116619.3341
Texoma COE Lakeside - (2) only 1 antleredGun10/20/202310/22/2023520181613.536
Tishomingo NWR - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun10/19/202310/20/2023521010020527
USDA Grazinglands R.L. - (2) antlerless onlyGun11/10/202311/11/2023522034201.77
USDA Grazinglands R.L. - (2) 1st antlerless, 2nd either sexGun12/8/202312/9/2023522193109.332
Washita NWR - antlerless onlyGun10/6/202310/7/2023524043104.324
Washita NWR - antlerless onlyGun11/3/202311/4/2023526037103.719
Waurika Lake COE - antlerless onlyGun11/11/202311/12/202352701753.416


2023-24 ELK HUNTS

  • Total applicants (includes first, second, and third choice preferences): 35,279. 
  • Total permits available: 321. 
  • Overall odds of getting drawn for any one permit: 1 in 109.9. 

NOTE: Enhanced drawings are now upping the odds for applicants with 20 or more preference points in the category. New this year is the option to buy one additional preference point to increase your odds for next year’s drawing.

2023-24 Results
Hunt Location - Permit TypeHunt TypeBegin DateEnd DateHunt No.ApplicantsPermits Allowed

Draw Ratio
1 in ( )

Cookson WMA - either sexGun9/27/20239/28/202310013,995139959
Wichita Mountains WR - bullGun12/18/202312/21/202310208,49640212.45
Wichita Mountains WR - cowGun12/18/202312/21/202310211,1267016.094
Wichita Mountains WR (walk-in only) - either sexGun11/20/202311/24/202310306,76610676.67
Wichita Mountains WR (walk-in only) - cowGun11/20/202311/24/20231031513608.553
Wichita Mountains WR (walk-in only) - either sexGun11/27/202312/1/202310406,95710695.78
Wichita Mountains WR (walk-in only) - cowGun11/27/202312/1/20231041414606.91
Wichita Mountains WR (walk-in only) - either sexGun12/11/202312/15/202310506,55310655.36
Wichita Mountains WR (walk-in only) - cowGun12/11/202312/15/20231051459607.652



  • Total applicants (includes first and second choice preferences): 2,047. 
  • Total permits available: 50. 
  • Overall odds of getting drawn for any one permit: 1 in 40.9. 

NOTE: New this year is the option to buy one additional preference point to increase your odds for next year’s drawing. Pronghorn controlled hunts are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

2023-24 Results
Hunt Location - Permit TypeHunt TypeBegin DateEnd DateHunt No.ApplicantsPermits AllowedDraw Ratio
1 in ( )
Cimarron County - doe onlyGun9/4/20239/13/202320021,3203537.711
Texas County - doe onlyGun9/4/20239/13/202320117271548.472



  • Total applicants (includes first, second, and third choice preferences): 12,715. 
  • Total permits available: 113. 
  • Overall odds of getting drawn for any one permit: 1 in 112.5. 

NOTE: Skip the hunt choices that attract the most applications, such as the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant hunts.

2023-24 Results
Hunt Location - Permit TypeHunt TypeBegin DateEnd DateHunt No. ApplicantsPermit AllowedDraw Ratio
1 in ( )
Cross Timbers WMA - tomShotgun4/16/20244/20/202460001,89210189.27
Cross Timbers WMA - tomShotgun5/12/20245/16/202460019981099.85
Deep Fork NWR - tomShotgun4/22/20245/16/202460101,50810150.86
Four Canyon Preserve - tomShotgun4/6/20244/7/202460201,4672733.510
Four Canyon Preserve - tomShotgun4/13/20244/14/2024602194424729
Little River NWR - tomShotgun4/26/20244/28/202460408952044.751
McAlester AAP - tomShotgun4/12/20244/14/202460501,3362066.83
McAlester AAP - tomShotgun4/19/20244/21/202460511,1142055.72
McCurtain Co. WA - tomShotgun4/5/20244/7/202460601,3741685.884
Tishomingo NWR - tomShotgun4/25/20244/26/202460801,1873395.678



  • Total applicants (includes first, second, and third choice preferences): 1,064. 
  • Total permits available: 25. 
  • Overall odds of getting drawn for any one permit: 1 in 42.6. 

NOTE: Choosing hunts that take place later in spring come with better odds of being selected.

2023-24 Results
Hunt Location - Permit TypeHunt TypeBegin DateEnd DateHunt No.ApplicantsPermits AllowedDraw Ratio
1 in ( )
Hugo COE (Kiamichi Park) - tomShotgun4/6/20244/7/20247000209452.253
Washita NWR - tomShotgun4/12/20244/14/202470102452122.56
Deep Fork NWR - tomShotgun4/13/20245/16/2024702018010181
Little River NWR - tomShotgun4/19/20244/21/20247040144528.82
Salt Plains NWR - tomShotgun4/12/20244/21/20247075117258.54
Wichita Mountains WR (walk-in only) - tomShotgun4/8/20244/10/20247096169284.55






Who can apply?

Any resident or nonresident who possesses a valid hunting license or who is otherwise exempt may apply for controlled hunts. A list of which hunting licenses are valid is available at Applicants must buy a license prior to applying for controlled hunts. Applicants who are eligible for, and possess, apprentice-designated hunting licenses may also apply (although some hunts require hunter education certification by the date of the hunt.) Check the website for more information.

If I can't attend my controlled hunt, do I get my preference points back?

You will retain your preference points if you choose to buy the PointGuard insurance policy during the application period. You can claim your PointGuard insurance anytime before the day of your hunt. If you didn’t buy PointGuard, your preference points for that hunt category will be lost whether you attend the hunt or not.

If I apply for controlled hunts long enough, is it guaranteed my name will be drawn?

No; drawings are random from the entire pool of applicants. But your odds get better every year you submit an application because you earn preference points in future drawings.

Can I keep accumulating points indefinitely?

Yes, in each category, up until your name is drawn, or whenever you do not submit any application for five consecutive years.

How do I pay my application fees?

You may pay the one-time application fee ($10 for residents or $50 for nonresidents) plus any additional add-on selections using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card online at If your name is drawn, additional license and user fees may be required for some specific hunts.

What if I have an address change after I apply?

Notify the Wildlife Department’s License Section by calling (405) 521-3852.


Apply For Controlled Hunts