Regulation Changes

The following are brief descriptions of regulation changes. This summary of regulation changes is intended to be used as a reference only. You are required to be familiar with all the changes to regulations that apply to each of these items.

Guidance for Arrow Rifle Hunters to Reduce Wounding Loss

Air-powered arrow rifles function much differently than centerfire rifles or shotguns most hunters have traditionally used to hunt game birds and animals. Therefore, a hunter’s understanding of the limitations of arrow rifles is critical to minimize or avoid wounding loss when hunting and taking game.  

As with any legal method of take, knowing the limitations of your specific equipment is critical to reduce or avoid wounding loss. Hunters should understand that although a number of arrow rifles may meet minimum standards to make them legal for hunting, different brands and models have different levels of ballistic performance and effectiveness. Other factors such as proficiency of the hunter using an arrow rifle , distance to target, and type and weight or arrow used, all factor into the ability of that arrow rifle to perform well in the field and deliver a lethal shot. Additionally, the amount of air charged in the reservoir on the arrow rifle is diminished after each successive shot which changes ballistics and ultimately the effectiveness of the arrow rifle in taking game. Hunters should be cognizant of the number of shots an arrow rifle can produce on a fully charged tank before becoming ineffective at taking game. 

The effective range is recommended to be 75 yards or closer. Beyond 75 yards, the ability of some models of arrow rifles to be lethal becomes diminished, so it is critical for hunters to know the limitation of the model of arrow rifle being used and practice with the equipment just like with any sporting arm.

Free Hunting Days

September 3 - 4, 2022

Do you know someone who wants to try hunting? Take them afield the first weekend in September. No hunting license is required for Oklahoma residents on Free Hunting Days!

Introduce someone to hunting this season!