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Wetland Development Units

Wetland Development Units (WDUs) are wetland units where all shotgun hunting is restricted to federally-approved nontoxic shot and the possession of lead shot is prohibited. In addition, shooting hours for waterfowl close at 1 p.m. daily.

Wetland Development Units (WDUs) are areas specially managed to provide waterfowl hunting and important habitat and refuge resources to waterfowl and other migratory birds. Many WDU maps are available at

2021 Wetland Development Unit Map

  1. Copan WDU, Hunting Contact (918) 629-5108
  2. Deep Fork WMA: Swift Bottoms WDU, Hunting Contact (918) 759-1816
  3. Drummond Flats WMA, Hunting Contact (580) 541-5319
  4. Eufaula WMA: Deep Fork WDU, Hunting Contact (918) 617-1113
  5. Fort Cobb WMA: Walnut Slough WDU, Hunting Contact (580) 595-0347
  6. Grassy Slough WDU, Hunting Contact (580) 513-5020
  7. Hackberry Flat WMA & WDU, Hunting Contact (405) 823-8425
  8. Hugo WMA: Hugo/Kiamichi River & Sawyer WDUs, Hunting Contact (580) 513-5020
  9. Hulah WMA: Whipporwill WDU, Hunting Contact (918) 629-5108
  10. Keystone WMA: Boston Pool, Buckeye Creek & Cottonwood Creek WDUs, Hunting Contact (918) 629-4625
  11. Love Valley WMA: Stevens Springs WDU, Hunting Contact (405) 823-9038
  12. McClellan-Kerr WMA: Billy Creek & Chouteau WDUs, Hunting Contact (918) 625-3910
  13. Mountain Park WDU, Hunting Contact (580) 595-0347
  14. Okmulgee WMA: Okmulgee East & Okmulgee West WDUs, Hunting Contact (918) 759-1816
  15. Oologah WMA: Overcup Bottoms & Upper Verdigris WDUs, Hunting Contact (918) 629-5286
  16. Packsaddle WMA: Bonser Marsh WDU & Designated WDU Areas, Hunting Contact (580) 515-2030
  17. Red Slough WDU, Hunting Contact (580) 513-5020
  18. Waurika WMA: Waurika WDU & Walker Creek WDU, Hunting Contact (580) 595-0347
  19. White Grass Flats WDU, Hunting Contact (580) 513-5020
  20. Wister WMA: Joe Johnson WDU & Fourche Maline WDU, Hunting Contact (918) 721-2990

Waterfowl Hunting Blinds on Reservoirs

  • Waterfowl hunting blinds constructed on public lands are of two types: Seasonal blinds, which are constructed by a hunter, permitted by the Department and at a Department approved designated location and used throughout the current hunting season. Daily blinds constructed for use on any given day and removed at the end of the day’s hunt. Daily blinds would include boat blinds, layout blinds, panel blinds and/or any other blind constructed from natural material that is removed at the end of the day’s hunt.
  • Daily blinds only are allowed on Altus-Lugert, Arbuckle, Birch, Broken Bow, Chouteau (L&D 17), Copan, Fort Cobb, Heyburn, Hugo, Hulah, Kaw, Keystone, Newt Graham (L&D 18), Mountain Park, Oologah, Optima, Pine Creek, Robert S. Kerr (L&D 15), Skiatook, Tenkiller, Texoma and Wister reservoirs.
  • Hunters wishing to construct seasonal blinds in Oklahoma where blinds are permitted must first obtain a permit. Permits are not required for daily blinds. Daily blinds may only be constructed or used on reservoirs open to waterfowl hunting, unless specifically prohibited.
  • Seasonal or daily blinds can be constructed on Eufaula, Fort Gibson, W.D. Mayo (L&D 14) and Webbers Falls (L&D 16) reservoirs.
    • Seasonal blind permits are issued by a drawing, annually for Eufaula, Fort Gibson, W.D. Mayo (L&D 14) and Webbers Falls (L&D 16) reservoirs. The drawings will be held at the Porter Office at 9097 N 34th St West, Porter, OK 74454. on Sept. 17, 2022. All participants are urged to pre-register for their desired lake at, but in-person registration will be available for those unable to do so.

The schedule will be as follows:

  • Ft. Gibson – 7:00 AM check-in and registration, 7:30 drawing
  • Eufaula – 9:00 AM check-in and registration, 9:30 drawing
  • Webbers Falls – 11:00 AM check-in and registration, 11:30 drawing
  • W.D. Mayo – 12:30 pm check-in and registration, 1:00 pm drawing

Contact the respective Wildlife Department representative for more information.

Eufaula – JD Ridge, (918) 617-1113
Ft. Gibson and Webbers Falls – Brett Thompson, (918) 625-3910
W.D. Mayo – Chris Parker, (918) 721-2990

  • In some cases, seasonal blind permits remain after the drawing. Contact the biologist or game warden for the area of interest to see if any permits are available after the drawings.
  • Applicants for seasonal blind permits must be at least 18 years old on the day of the permit issuance and possess a valid hunting license, HIP permit, Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation stamp (federal duck stamp) and a valid Oklahoma Waterfowl Hunting license (state duck stamp), unless exempt.
  • All individuals wanting a seasonal blind permit must appear in person at the appropriate permit drawings. No person may obtain a seasonal blind permit for more than one reservoir.
  • Permit holders must have their permit number and their first and last name conspicuously displayed in the blind. The information must be clearly legible throughout the waterfowl season.
  • Seasonal blinds must be constructed within 25 yards of the location designated by the hunter on the official map approved by the Department. No seasonal blinds shall be constructed within 250 yards of another seasonal blind and no daily blind shall be constructed or used within 250 yards of an occupied seasonal blind.
  • Seasonal blinds must be constructed at least two (2) weeks before opening day of waterfowl season, otherwise the blind location may be reissued to another licensed hunter on a first come, first serve basis. All seasonal blinds must be removed by March 15 of each year. Blinds remaining after this date may become the property of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.
  • Seasonal blind permit holders will have priority use on said blind each day until 1/2 hour before official sunrise (legal shooting time). Permit holders claiming priority use before this time must be prepared to furnish identification to ensure priority use. After this time, unoccupied blinds will be available to other hunters. Blinds must not be locked.
  • Failure to comply with regulations may result in forfeiture of privilege to obtain a permit for constructing seasonal blinds during the forthcoming year.