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Northeast Lions Park

 Northeast Lions Park, photo by Keith Thomas


Fees & Facilities:

Game Warden (County):

(405) 850-9757(Cleveland)
(405) 323-7863(Cleveland)

The pond features a fishing dock and a fish feeder. There are spider blocks (fish attractor) throughout the pond. The pond can be accessed all the way around it, with a bridge over an arm of it.

1800 Northcliff Ave Norman, OK 73071

Lake Details

Shoreline Length: 0.65 mi.
Max. Depth: 12.00 ft.
Surface Area: 6.00 ac.


Cleveland County

12th Ave NE and High Meadows Drive

The park has a playground and a picnic shelter. There is a restroom (April-October).

The pond is stocked with Hybrid Sunfish and Channel Catfish.

Parking spots, ramps on sidewalks and ADA fishing dock.