Route 66 Park

Route 66 Park, photo by Smokey Solis


Fees & Facilities:
Game Warden (County):
(405) 343-5489(Oklahoma)/(405) 343-5489(Canadian)
(405) 850-2127(Canadian)

The lake features a fish feeder, two bridges, and sidewalk around the entire pond. It has an average depth of 5.9ft.

New for 2021 - 2022 season.  Rainbow trout fishing in Oklahoma City will take place at Route 66 Park pond (9901 NW 23rd) and Edwards Park pond (1515 N. Bryant Avenue).


  • Fish are purchased with funds provided by Trout Unlimited-89er Chapter, Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.  
  • This special, wintertime, trout season is headed into its 33rd season.  
  • The OKC trout season runs from December 1 through the last day of February.
  • The trout are purchased from out-of-state vendors and stocked roughly every other week.
  • Stockings are subject to change or cancellation due to bad weather/equipment failure.

Rules and regulations:

  • Only one pole or rod and reel per person is allowed.  The use of remote vehicles is prohibited.
  • Only three trout per person per day may be kept. 
  • Culling is not allowed. Culling is replacing a previously caught fish with a larger or fresher one.
  • Once a fish is placed on a stringer, in a fish basket, or in any other container, it's considered harvested.
  • Anglers must label their stringer/container of kept fish with their name and state fishing number while fishing.
  • Only fishing from the bank is allowed. This means no wading, no tubing, or use of actual boats. 
  • An Oklahoma fishing license is required of all anglers unless exempt.
  • In addition, an Oklahoma City fishing permit is required for all anglers unless under 16 or over 62 years of age.

9901 NW 23rd St, Yukon, OK 73099

Lake Details

Shoreline Length: 1.10 mi.
Max. Depth: 8.00 ft.
Surface Area: 9.70 ac.


Canadian County

The site has a playground. It is operated by the City of Oklahoma City.

The lake gets stocked with hybrid Sunfish and Channel Catfish.  Currently, it is also stocked with rainbow trout seasonly.

Fish Species of Interest

Kim Webber, 01/22/2022
Kim Webber
Griffin Banta, 12/23/2021
Griffin Banta
Talen Perkins, 12/08/2021
Talen Perkins
Sophie Kladky, 12/07/2021
Sophie Kladky
Shanee J, 12/02/2021
Shanee J