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South Lakes Park Ponds

Collage of South Lakes Ponds, East and West


Fees & Facilities:

Game Warden (County):

(405) 850-9757(Cleveland)
(405) 323-7863(Cleveland)

The east pond features a fishing dock, fish feeder, and a sidewalk on the west side of the pond. The pond is 9.9 acres, with an average depth of 5.1 ft.

The west pond features a sidewalk all the way around and fish attractors in the water. The pond is 2.5 acres with an average depth of 5.2 ft.

4302 SW 119th Oklahoma City, OK 73173

Lake Details

Shoreline Length: 1.90 mi.
Max. Depth: 9.00 ft.
Surface Area: 12.40 ac.


Cleveland County

The park features a playground. It is operated by the City of Oklahoma City.

The lake gets stocked with hybrid Sunfish and Channel Catfish.