Arkansas River near Bixby Oklahoma, photo by Steve Mullen, RPS 2018
Steve Mullen/RPS 2018

Arkansas River


Game Warden (County):
(918) 431-2559(Le Flore)
(918) 429-3910(Le Flore)
(580) 513-0814(Le Flore)
(918) 625-4873(Muskogee)
(918) 625-4691(Muskogee)
(918) 331-5798(Washington)/(918) 331-5798(Osage)
(918) 645-6116(Pawnee)
(918) 431-2550(Sequoyah)
(918) 431-2544(Sequoyah)
(918) 625-5796(Wagoner)
(918) 625-5085(Wagoner)
Daily/Size Limits:

Walleye, sauger and saugeye: six combined per day/16-inch minimum, including all reservoirs and unimpounded tributaries from Keystone Dam downstream to the Oklahoma state line.


Prohibited methods: snagging between April 15-May 15 in the Arkansas River from Zink Dam for 800 feet downstream.

In the tailwaters area immediately below Webbers Falls Lock and Dam; bowfishing, gigs, spears, spearguns and snagging is prohibited in the first 1,000 feet. Trotlines, throwlines, limblines, juglines and yo-yos are prohibited below Webbers Falls Lock and Dam for a distance of one mile.

Fish Species of Interest

Logan F, 06/29/2022
Logan F
James F, 06/28/2022
James F
Logan F, 06/28/2022
Logan F
Dan Hahn, 05/21/2022
Dan Hahn
Allen R, 05/20/2022
Allen R
Risa S, 05/10/2022
Risa S