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Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs


Fees & Facilities:
Game Warden (County):
(918) 625-5971(Okmulgee)
(918) 625-6013(Okmulgee)

Dripping Springs Lake is a fishing only lake (no water sports allowed) operated by the City of Okmulgee. Dripping Springs contains one boat ramp, one boat dock and one fishing dock.

Dripping Springs Lake (Google Map) is located 6.5 miles southwest of SH 56 on Dripping Springs Rd.

Lake Details

Shoreline Length: 22.00 mi.
Volume: 17008.00 ac. ft.
Max. Depth: 36.00 ft.
Surface Area: 1055.00 ac.


Okmulgee County

City of Okmulgee manages campgrounds with full RV hookups, a boat ramp and fishing dock.

Dripping Springs Lake was constructed in 1976 and opened to fishing in 1980 by the City of Okmulgee. The bass population became overcrowded and was managed with various length limit regulations until it came into a more balanced condition.  In 1996 the lake was drawn down to make repairs to the water control tower. Many large bass were transferred from Dripping Springs to Okmulgee Lake. Dripping Springs is currently managed as a trophy bass lake with a state regulation imposing a 16-22 inch slot length limit, and a daily creel limit of 6 bass per day of which only one may be 22 inches or longer. Florida strain Largemouth Bass are stocked frequently.

Florida strain largemouth bass are stocked frequently.

Boat ramp and fishing dock are ADA compliant.