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Dripping Springs

Fishing Contact: (405) 379-5408

Fees & Facilities: (918) 756-5971

Game Warden: (918) 625-5971, (918) 625-6013

Check out specific area regulations by clicking here.

Operator: City of Okmulgee, 918-756-5971

Directions: From Okmulgee OK, Highway 75 (Wood Dr.)  turn west on E 6th St. OK-56 for 11 miles.  Take Dripping Springs Lake Rd to  Dripping Springs Lake, which is 6.3 miles from OK-56. The road follows the east side of Okmulgee Lake. 

Area Description/Facilities: Dripping Springs has one boat ramp, fishing dock, camping, picnic tables, and restrooms. 

Physical Description:  
Surface Area 1,150 Acres
Volume 16,200 acre-feet
Average Depth 14 ft.
Max Depth 36 ft.
Shoreline Length 18 miles

Species of Interest: Largemouth Bass, Crappie, White Bass, Channel Catfish

Management Practices: Florida Largemouth Bass are stocked frequently.

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