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Landowner Antelope

2023 Landowner Antelope results will be available April 17

Application Rules:

  • Minimum acreage per application must be 160 acres and located in Cimarron and/or Texas County. Properties may not be split to increase number of entries.

  • Application may only be submitted by the owners or operators of the lands submitted. Claimants of hunting leases and general farm/ranch employees do not qualify as either owners or operators.

  • Federal lands (Rita Blanca) are excluded from application.

  • Either-sex permits are only valid for the lands submitted on the application. However, unfilled either-sex permits are valid for the Doe Only season in the appropriate county, with landowner permission. Doe Only permits are county specific but are valid anywhere in that county with landowner permission.

  • Permits may be transferred one time only. Transfers and claims must be completed 14 days prior to the opening day of each appropriate season.

  • Landowner permits are not once in a lifetime.

2023 Landowner Antelope application period:

March 15 – April 4

Results will be released April 17

Either Sex Transfer/Claim Deadline

August 17

Doe Only Transfer/Claim Deadline

November 11