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Spring Turkey Season is an Outdoor Adventure for Everyone

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Oklahoma spring turkey season is just around the corner. Here we've compiled resources and information for anyone interested in participating. It all starts with a hunting license and a spring turkey license. 

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Resources for Turkey Hunters

Editor's Note: One of the exciting elements of turkey hunting is preparing for the hunt. Below you'll find regulations, scouting tips, and details on one of the most effective spring turkey hunting tactics - using a turkey call to a tom into shooting distance. If you've never called a turkey or don't know how, no worries! There's no reason to be intimidated, and there's plenty of time to gain the skills needed to be effective.

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Dates & Open Areas

Spring Turkey
April 6 – May 6: statewide except in the Southeast Region
April 19 – May 6: Southeast Region only
Full Details

Youth Spring Turkey
April 3-4: statewide except in the Southeast Region
April 17-18: Southeast Region only
Full Details


Need Shooting Tips?
Check out these helpful resources from themeateater.com on patterning your shotgun and shot placement for turkey hunting.

How to Pattern a Shotgun for Turkey Hunting
Where to Shoot a Turkey

After the Harvest


After you harvest a turkey, you'll need to take care of tagging, checking and field dressing your animal. First, you must immediately attach a field tag securely to your turkey with your name, customer ID or lifetime license number, and date and time of harvest (lifetime license holders are exempt from listing date and time on the field tag). Your field tag can be any item (duct tape works great!) so long as the tag contains the required information. This information along with evidence of sex (one leg with foot or beard) must remain with the carcass until the turkey is checked in. Beards on hens must remain intact and not removed from the turkey until the bird has reached its final destination. You must check your turkey within 24 hours of leaving the hunt area through the online E-Check system at wildlifedepartment.com or the Go Outdoors Oklahoma mobile app, or with an authorized Department employee. Once checked, the animal will be issued a carcass tag or an online confirmation number, which must remain with the carcass to its final destination or through processing and/or storage at commercial processing or storage facilities.

After that, the fun part begins! Check out how ODWC/NWTF R3 hunting coordinator Kasie Harriet cooks wild turkey, or click on "Wild Game Recipes" for unique takes on wild turkey tetrazzini or marinated wild turkey stir fry! And if you had fun on your first turkey hunt (of course you did!), consider purchasing a chance to win a guided spring turkey hunt with HiRoost Outfitters!


Kasie in the kitchen preparing a turkey breast.  Turkey Recipe.  Wild Game Recipes Image Win a guided turkey hunt, hunter at HiRoost Outfitters with turkey.  Gobble Gobble.

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