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Antelope - Big Game Season

For requirements on hunter orange, legal means of taking, public lands, shooting hours, carcass disposal, more than one method of take in the field, tracking with dogs, field tagging, and checking requirements, see Big Game Regulations.


Legal Antelope Doe vs. Buck

An image showing the differences between doe and buck antelopes. A legal doe has no black cheek patch, regardless of sex. A legal buck has a black cheek patch, regardless of sex.

Any antelope that does not have a black cheek patch is legally considered a doe. Does can have horns.

Combined Season Limit

Two: no more than one may be a buck. This includes antelope archery and antelope gun seasons. Antelope taken between Jan. 1-15, 2025, count toward the 2024 combined season limit.

Legal Buck Definition

Any antelope, regardless of sex, with a black cheek patch.

Written Landowner Permission

All antelope hunters must possess written permission from the landowner or, where appropriate, the lessee (tenant). Permission must be carried on the person while hunting antelope. Antelope hunters may only hunt on those lands for which they have written permission. Landowners, operators and immediate family are exempt from written permission.

Open Areas

Cimarron County and that portion of Texas County west of State Highway 136.



License Requirements

Hunters must be in possession of all appropriate licenses before hunting Antelope. Hunters using an air-powered arrow rifle must purchase a one-time Arrow Rifle Permit.

Resident Youth (unless exempt): 

  •  Youth Annual Super Hunting 

Resident (unless exempt):

  • Resident Annual Hunting License, and
  • Resident Antelope License (for each antelope hunted)

Nonresident Youth (unless exempt):

  • Nonresident Youth 5-day Super Hunting or 
  • Nonresident Youth Annual Super License

Nonresident (unless exempt):

  • Nonresident Annual Hunting License, and
  • Nonresident Antelope License for that particular season (for each antelope hunted).

*** The adult nonresident 5-day hunting license is not valid for hunting antelope.

Jan. 1-15: All hunters must possess an antelope license for the current calendar year and a current hunting license or proof of exemption.



Season Dates

Antelope Archery


Two: no more than one may be a buck. Archery antelope are not bonus and count toward the combined season limit.

Antelope Gun (either sex, draw only, landowner/controlled hunt permits)


Antelope Gun (doe only, draw only, controlled hunt permit only)


Antelope Gun (doe only, draw only, landowner permit only)


Antelope gun hunting is only available through the Department’s controlled hunts program or through the Landowner Permit Drawing (see

Gun Limit

Two: no more than one may be a buck. Antelope taken through controlled hunts or landowner permit are not bonus and count toward the combined season limit.

Legal sex and specific season dates will be designated on the controlled hunt or landowner permit.