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Tulsa Urban Fisheries

Tulsa urban ponds and streams appeal to different people for a variety of reasons:  They offer tranquility in an otherwise hectic environment, a time to enjoy the outdoors, and the opportunity to observe natural fauna that are no longer available in most modern urban environments.  A primary attraction to Tulsa ponds, tourists and residents alike, is the opportunity to catch fish by angling.

This guide is a compilation of the record of the fishes in the Tulsa urban area resulting from an intensive survey carried out between 1991 and 2004.  The primary purpose of this survey was to determine which species are found in this urban area, and if new species are moving into the Tulsa area.  In all, over 35 sites were sampled throughout the Tulsa, Oklahoma urban area.

Below is a list of open to the public fishing area found within Tulsa.  You can find out more information about each one by clicking the link.

Urban Ponds and Reservoirs